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Course Presenter

  • Renu Urvashi Sagreiya, Esq.

    Renu Urvashi Sagreiya, Esq.

    Renu Urvashi Sagreiya grew up in Ambler, PA. Her ease in picking up languages stems from her experience growing up bicultural and bilingual in Hindi-English. She began learning Spanish at the tender age of 9 in 1997, and has continued studying it through elementary, middle, and high school. Ms. Sagreiya has Latino relatives (Puerto Rican and Colombian) in her family and loves practicing with them, especially her cousin's 3 kids. Ms. Sagreiya graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2010 from Agnes Scott College with a B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology and a Minor in Spanish. There, she was selected to work as a Spanish Department Tutor. After undergrad, she served extensively with the Latino immigrant community, both at a predominantly Hispanic high school in Philadelphia, PA as well as at a domestic violence agency in Boston, MA. She graduated from Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law with honors in 2017. During law school, she used her Spanish often, especially at the Defender Association of Philadelphia, where she worked as an interpreter/translator for PDs. She also assisted in leading a Spanish "Know Your Rights" presentation and legal clinic in Gettysburg, PA during her 2016 co-op at HIAS. Ms. Sagreiya sincerely hopes that this course will assist attorneys and support staff to provide linguistically and culturally competent services to Latinos of Franklin County. In her free time she likes kayaking, birding, beachcombing, museums, pets, 76ers and Scrabble.

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    Spanish for Lawyers
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